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I am freakishly obsessed with webinars.  I particularly wanted to mention one I participated in this past week.  Liz Benny is a social media manager in New Zealand who made over $180,000 in 2014 doing just that.  She held a webinar out of New Zealand on a Friday, which was really 9pm on a Thursday for me.  The webinar lasted just over 2 hours and I was actually bummed when it was over!

Here I was in my bed following along!

Here I was in my bed following along!

This great webinar was called “How to make a 6 figure salary as a social media manager.”  There wasn’t any question I wanted to follow along! Liz quit her job a few years back to take on her own business as a social media manager.  The first couple of years were really hard but her webinar explained how to save a lot of frustration.

The takeaways from the webinar are as follows:

  1. Social media management is a need that is not being filled.
    1. Businesses need their social media to be engaging more so than ever but they don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so. There is very little competition out there right now for earning clients as a social media manager because nobody has jumped on this bandwagon, yet!
  2. Social media management is easier than you think to make a business out of.
    1. Not only is this a need not being filled but it is a viable need. While it is overwhelming at first, we are actually very equipped to help a business grow through social media if we just love it.
  3. The hardest part about social media management is making your own business.
    1. Setting up a business is complicated, but it has been done before. Use techniques from successful businesses to get yours started.

The webinar made everything seem possible by simplifying my thoughts.  One of the most exciting things I got out of Liz’s webinar was a social media success story!  SoYo is a frozen yogurt shop in New Zealand that was crippled by an earthquake.  When they rebuilt they chose to only use social media to advertise – and they were wildly successful!   To this day they only use social media for advertising and their business is growing.

<p><a href=”″>soyo 30second advert-website</a> from <a href=”″>SoYo Frozen Yoghurt</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Why was this so great?  It reassured and motivated me that I am headed in the right direction.  We live in such a traditional world, social media is not given much respect when it comes to a career.  Liz proved that none of us should settle.  Not only is a career in social media possible, its highly profitable.

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Liz Benny



SoYo Success Story

SoYo is a frozen yogurt shop in New Zealand that was devastated due to an earthquake.  After the earthquake they rebuilt and only used social media to promote and advertise the business.  Not only did the business take off but they are now growing!  To this day they only use social media to advertise.  With over 10,000 likes and over 8,000 check ins, social media has proved to be a huge success for SoYo.

Success Stores: Do They Really Matter?

I’ve been throwing around the term “success stories” a lot here, but just how important are these? The truth is they are VITAL.  In my time in television advertising I came to learn first hand just how important these are.

Being a “newbie” to the business I had no idea where to start.  I would give my recommendation to a client, but what did that recommendation mean when I had no proof to back it up with?   We can’t always have our own success stories to share because, well, we have to start from zero at some point.

I was fortunate enough to work with a national consulting firm, Jim Doyle and Associates, which shared hundreds of success stories with me.  Coupling those with my fellow coworkers success stories I started to get a feel for the business.

The same goes for social media marketing.  We need to have a place to start and something to go on.  Success stories prove you care about someone’s business.  They show you have put time and effort into thinking about their specific strategy and you’ve had success with it already.  These success stories help to reduce the fear for the client.  Businesses are more likely to invest in something if there is less of a chance of losing that money.

Success stories not only reassure your clients, they make for a more confident you.  We, as social media professionals, have a lot to share and can open up doors for businesses they didn’t even know existed.   The best thing we can do to help ourselves get ahead is to help each other by compiling all of our success stories to share and use when needed.  I will be adding a section to the blog for Success Stories where we can share our own or we can share others.



“Owning” Your Success Stories.

Information Overload

Is social media really important to business?  The days of businesses finding success without social media are long gone.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t believe in the power of social media.  So how do we get business owners to partner with us for social media?

First and foremost, as Molly from .802 Social puts it, we need to make it clear that social media only works if you work with it.  Substantial time and effort need to be invested on a constant and consistent basis for social media to be an effective marketing tool.  While we understand this we are often challenged with convincing clients of this. In our attempts to prove social media to clients we can hit information overload and quickly spill mumble jumble.

To prevent quickly becoming overwhelmed with social media you need to know where to start.  Social Media Today gives us a few tips on how to take the first step in social media marketing. Using this simple explanation will help represent your goal.

  1. Understand your audience
    1. Behavior
    2. Motivation
    3. Intent
    4. Where
  2. Content for Unique context
    1. Differs between social platform
  3. Be really personal
    1. Your followers are human – not just numbers

While the video focused on millennials the ideas can be used for any audience. Social media should be treated as a personal conversation.  Followers don’t want to feel isolated and disconnected from you but they want to see what is important and relevant to their life in regards to you.  Josh Bernoff provides a simple strategy for keeping the brand relatable: The POST Method


While social media can be overwhelming the best way to tackle it is to keep it simple and go from there.  In explaining social media to clients remember that the same numbers and statistics that overwhelm you will definitely overwhelm them.

Social media, like anything else is best understood through success stories.  If you have an example of a strategy that worked well with a skeptical client please share it with us!

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Why another blog?

Social media isn’t just an afterthought anymore, it is THE thought.  With more and more people flocking to the internet, social media is quickly becoming the number one marketing tool.  If business owners want to continue to be successful they need to invest serious time into their social media marketing strategy – and they are.

This is great news for social media professionals.  All we have to do is earn their business.  Sounds simple, right?  With an increasingly saturated market for social media marketing, this simple idea isn’t so easy.  Social Media Today is an online community dedicated to helping social media professionals be a step ahead of everyone else.  While this community is undoubtedly beneficial, it can do even better. The purpose of this blog is to make  Social Media Today even more beneficial and useful for success in the career of social media through the following goals:

  • Goals: Inform and energize
    • Social Listening/learning – Generate success and failure stories
      • The quickest route to success with social media is through social listening. We have to understand what followers care about and what matters to them.  We “listen” to what they are looking for and we learn how to provide that.  The same can be said for social media professionals.  By listening to what is working and equivalently not working for other social media professionals we save time by knowing where to start and what to avoid.  Success stories are examples of strategies that worked for a client. Failure stories are the opposite.
    • Talking/informing – Share those stories and strategies/develop new ones
      • The first thing we learn when entering the job market is experience is everything. The same thought is applied to earning clients in social media marketing.  How do we get experience when everyone wants experience first?  By sharing.  Sharing our success and failure stories helps social media professionals to prove themselves.  While they may not be our own, having a success story to share reduces fear for the client.  This is the number one way to earn a client’s trust.
    • Energizing/Supporting – Encourage others to take risks and get involved
      • The last piece to preparing social media professionals for success in the field is motivating and supporting them. Just like with social media strategies for businesses we need to encourage people to speak up and engage.  A database of success/failure stories cannot be created without participation. Encouraging social media professionals to share their stories/knowledge is the best way to help others find success. By doing this we increase involvement in the community and increase membership.

So what does all this mean?    The overall objective of Social Media Success is to help Social Media Today make social media a thriving career.  Because it is so nontraditional and individualistic with diverse opinions, a career in social media allows us to do something new every day – to break the boundaries and make work fun again.  Social media marketing can be a lot to take in but this social media strategy for  Social Media Today will break it down by providing  tools and processes for any client in the field.

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