Social Customer Care

Customer service on social media should be everyone’s top priority.  Social media is a personal space for consumers.  They don’t want to be bombarded with advertising messages but when they need an answer they want it fast.  Social media is the quickest and closest way to connect with your customers and attract new ones as your reviews and responses are transparent and available to anyone with an internet connection.

Social media has made it possible to stay connected with anyone, anywhere.  Users expect this same level of connectedness with the brands they use.  Compliments, complaints, and questions should not go unanswered.  It takes only seconds to share an example of poor customer service and ruin a brands reputation.

Because social media provides a channel to stay connected there has been a shift in the customer service world from phone calls and emails to social media posts and ratings.  According to Brand Watch, 63% of social media users prefer referencing ratings on social media.  In a world where 42% of adults 18-34 expect responses within 12 hours, social media has never been more important to brands.  Customers want answers and if they’re not getting them from you they can find a company who will answer them.

Brands should pay attention to everything to do with their name on social media but real complaints should be at the top of their priority list.  As Forbes explains, social media customer services makes it possible to communicate immediately and provide a personal and transparent experience.

Social media allows for brands to immediately reach out to their upset customers with a solution.  Reaching out to an upset customer in real time is when the brand is most likely to engage with their customers and if they successfully solve the problem the world of the internet has watched them satisfy a customer and can expect the same level of customer care.

Customer service on social media can be an effective tool when planned and prepared for.  Training your social media team on how to be a customer service representative and providing them the information necessary to answer questions about the brand on their own will return great results.  When a social media customer care team is a brand expert they turn customers into brand ambassadors and advocates.

As Social Media Examiner explains, to create a positive customer service experience on social media you need to have a plan in place and ask for feedback.  Because social media is such a personal experience brands need to reach out to their customers and get them to engage before an issue arises.  Asking for feedback from fans on social media creates a connection and develops trust between the user and the brand.  Once this has happened a customer with a negative experience is more likely to reach out in an approachable way.  This is when social customer service is most important.  Unresolved or unanswered questions and complaints ruin the trust not only between the brand and the customer but everyone else on the internet.

Social customer service can be the best thing that ever happened for brands.  Their complaints are made public but so are their responses.  When problems are handled quickly and adequately other consumers gain an appreciation and trust for that company.  If social customer service is ignored a brand will lose their fan base and ruin their physical world reputation as well.



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