Content Marketing Matters

Content marketing is vital for community mangers. Whether the community manager is the content creator or not they must know how to market the content and what type of content to use.  The job of a community manger is to engage their audience and in order to do so the community manager must understand the content.

According to Eric Schmidt, “more content is being created in 48 hours than what was produced from the beginning of time until 2013.”  Users can find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds thanks to the internet.  If brands want to be successful they must embrace this.  Because there is so much content out there community managers must figure out how to market their content effectively.  The smallest mistake could cost a brand thousands of followers and customers.

Content marketing is the best way for brands to boost their organic traffic and bring in new customers, making it one of the most important things a community manager can do.  Content marketing has to be done right in order to be effective.  It is absolutely vital for community managers to lay out a plan before they tackle content marketing.  Goals, audience, platforms, mediums, proof, and answers must be thought out ahead of time.  If a community manager leaves one of those aspects out their content marketing will fail and with content marketing costing markets more than ever before they cannot afford to fail.

The most challenging obstacle of content marketing is there is no right answer.  Content marketing is very niche oriented and differs between each brand.  What works for McDonalds probably won’t work for Burger King.  Community managers have to do the research to understand their fans and customers and to find what makes them different from their competitors.  Once brands understand this they can dive into the types of content their fans want to see.  It is almost as if community managers have to play the role of a stalker to get inside the minds of their fans in order to effectively market their content.

Content marketing takes a lot of research and effort but it can have a huge reward.  BuzzFeed is a great example of this.  It has become a goal of many millennials to work for BuzzFeed because they know exactly what their readers are thinking and when they’re thinking it.  This attention to content and content marketing has made BuzzFeed a name known and trusted around the world.

Much of the content on BuzzFeed is article related but that doesn’t mean every brand has to write and market articles.  Pictures and visuals may work much better for some brands.  The goal is to have the content shared by fans.  Fans are only going to share what they care about and what they relate to.  If you continually give them what they want they will become mini brand ambassadors as they share and re-share your content and your name.  The more they do this the more their connections will share and look to you as a trusted source.

When done right content marketing can have a huge return on investment for a brand, and it’s trackable!  Content marketing is the best way to have fans and customers share what you have to say and your name.  Content marketing can also kill a brand if it is done wrong, that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to.  Today is the age of the consumer; they have the power.  For brands to be successful they have to feed into consumer power and give them the content they’re looking for before they even go looking for it.


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