Social Media as Customer Service

When it comes to social media, something is better than nothing.  Even if you are not fast and competent with your responses on social media you must be there.  We live in the age of the customer and they will be on social media whether you are or not.  If you’re not there, they will find someone who is.

While inconsistency is not a good thing you need to get started with paying attention to social media.  It is your brand and reputation.   Start small by picking one platform to master and add on from there.

Social media is a phenomenal customer service tool and you should use it as such.  The more you respond to and interact with your customers on social media, the better your business will do.

  1. Monitor your Social 24/7.
  2. Response times should not take more than an hour, even less depending on the business/product (subject to time of day).
  3. Be consistent- start somewhere you can realistically deliver.
  4. Don’t forget to engage with those customers who aren’t asking questions.
  5. Be accurate and grammatically correct in all responses.
  6. Tag the customer in your response.

Remember, customer service has transitioned to social media resulting in every customer service problem being public.  Keep your cool and adequately communicate with your customers on social media to maintain a great reputation.


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