World of Webinar

I am freakishly obsessed with webinars.  I particularly wanted to mention one I participated in this past week.  Liz Benny is a social media manager in New Zealand who made over $180,000 in 2014 doing just that.  She held a webinar out of New Zealand on a Friday, which was really 9pm on a Thursday for me.  The webinar lasted just over 2 hours and I was actually bummed when it was over!

Here I was in my bed following along!

Here I was in my bed following along!

This great webinar was called “How to make a 6 figure salary as a social media manager.”  There wasn’t any question I wanted to follow along! Liz quit her job a few years back to take on her own business as a social media manager.  The first couple of years were really hard but her webinar explained how to save a lot of frustration.

The takeaways from the webinar are as follows:

  1. Social media management is a need that is not being filled.
    1. Businesses need their social media to be engaging more so than ever but they don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so. There is very little competition out there right now for earning clients as a social media manager because nobody has jumped on this bandwagon, yet!
  2. Social media management is easier than you think to make a business out of.
    1. Not only is this a need not being filled but it is a viable need. While it is overwhelming at first, we are actually very equipped to help a business grow through social media if we just love it.
  3. The hardest part about social media management is making your own business.
    1. Setting up a business is complicated, but it has been done before. Use techniques from successful businesses to get yours started.

The webinar made everything seem possible by simplifying my thoughts.  One of the most exciting things I got out of Liz’s webinar was a social media success story!  SoYo is a frozen yogurt shop in New Zealand that was crippled by an earthquake.  When they rebuilt they chose to only use social media to advertise – and they were wildly successful!   To this day they only use social media for advertising and their business is growing.

<p><a href=”″>soyo 30second advert-website</a> from <a href=”″>SoYo Frozen Yoghurt</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Why was this so great?  It reassured and motivated me that I am headed in the right direction.  We live in such a traditional world, social media is not given much respect when it comes to a career.  Liz proved that none of us should settle.  Not only is a career in social media possible, its highly profitable.

Credit to:

Liz Benny



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