Success Stores: Do They Really Matter?

I’ve been throwing around the term “success stories” a lot here, but just how important are these? The truth is they are VITAL.  In my time in television advertising I came to learn first hand just how important these are.

Being a “newbie” to the business I had no idea where to start.  I would give my recommendation to a client, but what did that recommendation mean when I had no proof to back it up with?   We can’t always have our own success stories to share because, well, we have to start from zero at some point.

I was fortunate enough to work with a national consulting firm, Jim Doyle and Associates, which shared hundreds of success stories with me.  Coupling those with my fellow coworkers success stories I started to get a feel for the business.

The same goes for social media marketing.  We need to have a place to start and something to go on.  Success stories prove you care about someone’s business.  They show you have put time and effort into thinking about their specific strategy and you’ve had success with it already.  These success stories help to reduce the fear for the client.  Businesses are more likely to invest in something if there is less of a chance of losing that money.

Success stories not only reassure your clients, they make for a more confident you.  We, as social media professionals, have a lot to share and can open up doors for businesses they didn’t even know existed.   The best thing we can do to help ourselves get ahead is to help each other by compiling all of our success stories to share and use when needed.  I will be adding a section to the blog for Success Stories where we can share our own or we can share others.



“Owning” Your Success Stories.


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