Information Overload

Is social media really important to business?  The days of businesses finding success without social media are long gone.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t believe in the power of social media.  So how do we get business owners to partner with us for social media?

First and foremost, as Molly from .802 Social puts it, we need to make it clear that social media only works if you work with it.  Substantial time and effort need to be invested on a constant and consistent basis for social media to be an effective marketing tool.  While we understand this we are often challenged with convincing clients of this. In our attempts to prove social media to clients we can hit information overload and quickly spill mumble jumble.

To prevent quickly becoming overwhelmed with social media you need to know where to start.  Social Media Today gives us a few tips on how to take the first step in social media marketing. Using this simple explanation will help represent your goal.

  1. Understand your audience
    1. Behavior
    2. Motivation
    3. Intent
    4. Where
  2. Content for Unique context
    1. Differs between social platform
  3. Be really personal
    1. Your followers are human – not just numbers

While the video focused on millennials the ideas can be used for any audience. Social media should be treated as a personal conversation.  Followers don’t want to feel isolated and disconnected from you but they want to see what is important and relevant to their life in regards to you.  Josh Bernoff provides a simple strategy for keeping the brand relatable: The POST Method


While social media can be overwhelming the best way to tackle it is to keep it simple and go from there.  In explaining social media to clients remember that the same numbers and statistics that overwhelm you will definitely overwhelm them.

Social media, like anything else is best understood through success stories.  If you have an example of a strategy that worked well with a skeptical client please share it with us!

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