Why another blog?

Social media isn’t just an afterthought anymore, it is THE thought.  With more and more people flocking to the internet, social media is quickly becoming the number one marketing tool.  If business owners want to continue to be successful they need to invest serious time into their social media marketing strategy – and they are.

This is great news for social media professionals.  All we have to do is earn their business.  Sounds simple, right?  With an increasingly saturated market for social media marketing, this simple idea isn’t so easy.  Social Media Today is an online community dedicated to helping social media professionals be a step ahead of everyone else.  While this community is undoubtedly beneficial, it can do even better. The purpose of this blog is to make  Social Media Today even more beneficial and useful for success in the career of social media through the following goals:

  • Goals: Inform and energize
    • Social Listening/learning – Generate success and failure stories
      • The quickest route to success with social media is through social listening. We have to understand what followers care about and what matters to them.  We “listen” to what they are looking for and we learn how to provide that.  The same can be said for social media professionals.  By listening to what is working and equivalently not working for other social media professionals we save time by knowing where to start and what to avoid.  Success stories are examples of strategies that worked for a client. Failure stories are the opposite.
    • Talking/informing – Share those stories and strategies/develop new ones
      • The first thing we learn when entering the job market is experience is everything. The same thought is applied to earning clients in social media marketing.  How do we get experience when everyone wants experience first?  By sharing.  Sharing our success and failure stories helps social media professionals to prove themselves.  While they may not be our own, having a success story to share reduces fear for the client.  This is the number one way to earn a client’s trust.
    • Energizing/Supporting – Encourage others to take risks and get involved
      • The last piece to preparing social media professionals for success in the field is motivating and supporting them. Just like with social media strategies for businesses we need to encourage people to speak up and engage.  A database of success/failure stories cannot be created without participation. Encouraging social media professionals to share their stories/knowledge is the best way to help others find success. By doing this we increase involvement in the community and increase membership.

So what does all this mean?    The overall objective of Social Media Success is to help Social Media Today make social media a thriving career.  Because it is so nontraditional and individualistic with diverse opinions, a career in social media allows us to do something new every day – to break the boundaries and make work fun again.  Social media marketing can be a lot to take in but this social media strategy for  Social Media Today will break it down by providing  tools and processes for any client in the field.

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